I. Scope of the GTC, changes to the GTC

1) The following conditions (hereinafter referred to as "GTC" or "conditions of use") of the provider Binary Rockets s.r.o. , IČ: 04878761, with its registered office at V lesíčku 93/8, Smíchov, 150 00, Prague 5, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague under file no. C 255030 ('Binary rockets') governs the use of the online game Dragescent at (hereinafter referred to as the "online game")

2) These GTC fully replace the older versions of the conditions of use of the Binary Rockets services and the older version of the GTC of the online game Dragescent.

3) Binary Rockets continuously develops, updates, and adapts the online game. Accordingly, the user can participate in the relevant online game only in its current version and status.

4) In addition to these terms of use, the game rules of the online Dragescent game, if available, apply. In case of discrepancies between these GTC and the rules of the online game, the provisions of these GTC shall prevail. In addition, special conditions of use apply to the online game, its special variants and / or components. The user will be notified of this in a suitable form before using the relevant offer.

5) Binary Rockets reserves the right to change these terms of use. The change or cancellation of any provision of these GTC by Binary Rockets requires a written form. Users will be notified of the changes to the terms and conditions on the online gaming website no later than 14 days before the changes take effect. Alternatively, Binary Rockets may send the changed terms to users by email or notify you that the changed terms are available on the online game's website. The user agrees to the validity of the changed terms of use by logging in again to the Binary Rockets portal or to the online game after the changed terms of use have entered into force. Binary Rockets will draw users' attention in an appropriate form to the importance of the two-week period, the right to resist and the legal consequences of silence.

6) Should any individual provision of these Terms of Use be ineffective or become ineffective and / or conflict with statutory provisions, the effectiveness of the other provisions of these Terms of Use shall not be affected. The ineffective provision will be replaced by the contracting parties in agreement with the provision that is most legally valid in the legally valid manner of the economic meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision. This provision applies by analogy to gaps in these GTC.

7) The provisions and General Terms and Conditions of the user, which differ from these conditions, will be applied only if Binary Rockets agrees in writing to their validity in advance.

8) When using the Binary Rockets services, the user undertakes to comply with the legal order of the Czech Republic, these terms of use and the rules of the online game.

II. Registration (conclusion of a contract)

1) The online game Dragescent, which is offered by the provider Binary Rockets, is for entertainment purposes only. Use for commercial or commercial purposes is prohibited.

2) Prerequisite for using the online game is user registration on the online game website. By registering, the user agrees to these terms of use. It is not possible to use the online game without registration.

3) Registration is allowed only to individual natural persons, not to legal persons or groups of natural persons. If the user is a minor, this user assures by sending a registration request that he has the valid consent of the legal representatives to register. Binary Rockets assumes no responsibility if the minor does not have the consent of the legal guardians.

4) When registering, the user is obliged to state the player's name under which he will appear in the online game and his e-mail address, which is registered to him and which will be used for the user's communication with Binary Rockets. Unless otherwise stated in these terms of use, Binary Rockets usually communicates with the user by e-mail to the user's e-mail address provided during registration. When communicating via e-mail with Binary Rockets, the user is obliged to state which user account he is referring to.

5) The player's name must not infringe the rights of third parties and must not be contrary to good morals. In addition, a user cannot choose an e-mail or Internet address, or a player name already registered by another user as their player name. The user warrants that the information provided when registering with Binary Rockets is true and complete.

6) The user will register in person. Registration through third parties, in particular entities that carry out the registration of individuals commercially with various providers of television media services (registration or recording services), is not permitted.

7) Upon successful registration, the user creates a user account ("game account"), which he can manage independently. The game account is non-transferable without the express consent of Binary Rockets.

8) There is no right to register and activate a user account. If the user has already registered for the game, the user may not make any further registrations during the current registration period, for example by entering different or changed personal data. Therefore, one user may have only one user account registered. Binary Rockets may block or delete multiple game accounts at its discretion.

9) If the user has been blocked from accessing the online game for violating the rules of the online game, these GTC or legal regulations of the Czech Republic, the user may not log in to the game again or register another game account without prior permission from Binary Rockets. There is no right to cancel a block, exclusion, virtual entry ban or other measure.

10) The user may transfer the rights and obligations under this agreement only with the prior written consent of Binary Rockets.

III. Duration of registration

1) Unless these GTC or the rules of the online game expressly provide otherwise, a contract for the use of the online game is concluded for an indefinite period. The contractual relationship between Binary Rockets and the user begins with successful registration, i.e. approval of registration or activation of the user's game account via Binary Rockets.

2) In case of legitimate reasons (e.g. longer inactivity), Binary Rockets is entitled to delete the user account. In addition, Binary Rockets is entitled, at its own discretion, to delete a user account in the event of termination of the contract (termination of one of the parties or withdrawal from the contract).

IV. The right of the contracting parties to withdraw from the contract or otherwise terminate the contractual relationship

1) Each party has the right to terminate the contract for a serious reason without notice. Serious reasons include, in particular: (a) the user's conduct which does not significantly impair the other players' experience of the game; (b) the user using cheats, modes and / or "hacks" or any other form of software, tools or scripts line games c) third parties play on the user's user account, unless the rules of the game provide for exceptions d) the user plays on a third party user account or uses more than one user account for the online game, unless the rules of the game provide exceptions e) the user sells, buys or exchanges a user account f) the user violates the laws / these terms of use or their supplements / rules of the online game.

2) Each termination must be made in writing. E-mail notices retain written form.

3) The user's right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving a reason: a) The user may revoke his contractual declaration in the form of registration within two weeks without giving reasons and thus withdraw from the contract. The period begins to run after receiving this instruction in the form of a text, but not before concluding the contract and also not before fulfilling our information obligations under § 1811 and 1820 of the Civil Code. To maintain the deadline, it is sufficient to send a notice of withdrawal in time in the form of text by e-mail to the e-mail address: (the user can use the sample form below to withdraw from the contract, but it is not his obligation, it is sufficient if it is clear from his statement of withdrawal which user it is and which game account the withdrawal applies to)


Sample form for withdrawal from the contract:

Notice of withdrawal from the contract

- Addressee: Binary Rockets s.r.o., V lesíčku 93/8, Smíchov, 150 00, Praha 5

- I / we declare (*) that I hereby withdraw (*) from the contract for the purchase of these goods (*) / for the provision of these services (*)

- Date of order (*) / date of receipt (*)

- Name and surname of the consumer (s)

- Address of the consumer (s)

- Signature of the consumer (s) (only if this form is sent in paper form)

- Date (*)

Strike out what does not apply or complete the information.


b) In the event of an effective withdrawal from the contract, it is necessary by law to return the mutually accepted performances and issue what or. there was a benefit (eg interest). It follows from the nature of the services provided by Binary Rockets (operation of the online game Dragescent) that the user cannot be obliged to return any performance to Binary Rockets and that even Binary Rockets cannot be obliged to return the performance to the user because the online game is free. This provision does not affect game improvements or game credits that the user has purchased on his own initiative while playing the online game.

V. Use of the Site and its Content

1) Online game websites include content of all kinds. It is protected by copyright, trademark law and otherwise for the benefit of Binary Rockets or third parties. Nothing in these Terms of Use shall be construed as granting any license or consent to the use of Binary Rockets Protected Property for purposes other than those agreed.

2) Unless expressly permitted under these terms of use, the user is not entitled to adapt, reproduce, distribute, publicly interpret the online game website or the content or individual parts thereof provided through them.

3) The user is not entitled to use the online game website other than for the agreed purpose.

4) Only technically conditioned reproduction for the purpose of viewing and also permanent reproduction for private use only is permitted. Copyright and trademark notices may not be altered, hidden or removed.

5) The term "content" means all data, images, texts, graphs, videos, programs and software codes and other information provided by Binary Rockets.

6) The user may not perform actions that may endanger or affect the way the online game website or its individual components, game mechanisms or software work, or restrict the use of the online game website by other users. The user may not send data or software on the online game website capable of influencing the hardware or software of the recipients.

7) The user may not manipulate data to which he does not have authorized access.

8) Any use of the online game website by the user for purposes other than those agreed (eg for commercial or advertising purposes) without the prior express written consent of Binary Rockets is prohibited and will be considered a particularly serious violation of these terms of use.

9) There is no right to publish content on the website of the online game.

10) The user is strictly forbidden to use the online game website with anonymization services that hide the user's real IP address.

11) In the event that the user discovers a game bug, he must not use it for his own benefit or for the benefit of other persons and is obliged to report the existence of the Binary Rockets bug.

12) The user undertakes to use exclusively an internet browser to call up the online game and all its websites. The use of program bots, as well as wholly or partly automated programs, scripts, and integrated web browser mechanisms that can give the user an advantage over other players is prohibited.

13) Under no circumstances may the user a) create or use cheats, mods and / or hacks or use third-party software that alters the online gaming experience, b) use software that enables "data mining" or retains or collects information otherwise related to the online game; c) sell, buy, or exchange user accounts. d) This prohibition also includes all acts whose effect is equal to the above prohibitions.

VI. Content placed in the game by the user

1) As part of the online game website, Binary Rockets provides the user with various communication options (especially discussion forums, mail, official game blog, etc.) for their own content. Binary Rockets provides only technical possibilities for the exchange of information in this respect. However, there is no entitlement to provide these communication options.

2) The user is solely responsible for the content and contributions posted by him and undertakes to release Binary Rockets to the full extent of possible third-party claims. Binary Rockets does not expressly appropriate the content placed by the user on the online game's website, but the Binary Rockets user grants a permanent, irrevocable and non-exclusive right to use the content and contributions that he has placed on the online game's website. Binary Rockets explicitly points out that it does not actively monitor hosted content. Each user can report to Binary Rockets (by e-mail or within the game mechanisms) content which, in his opinion, is in conflict with the law or the rules of the game. Binary Rockets edits or deletes defective content thus reported or discovered during random checks through game mechanisms.

3) It is forbidden to place and publish content on the website of the online game: a) violating applicable law or contrary to good morals or morals b) violating brands, patents, utility or taste models, copyrights, trade secrets or other rights of third parties c ) offensive, racist, celebrating violence, obscene or pornographic, threatening the development of children and young people d) containing chain letters or aircraft systems or having a commercial or advertising character e) giving the false impression that it is provided or supported by Binary Rockets f) containing personal third party data without their express consent

4) The use of names or links to websites, companies or names of products or services is permitted only if such expression does not follow advertising or marketing purposes.

5) When using the communication options provided on the website of the online game, the user undertakes to express himself politely and refrain from any offensive statements about other persons.

6) Binary Rockets reserves the right, regardless of other provisions or rules of the online game, to change or completely or partially delete content and posts that violate these rules. In addition, Binary Rockets has the right to completely or temporarily exclude users who violate these rules from further use of the online game or communication options provided within the online game.

7) In the event that the user violates legal regulations, the rights of third parties, these terms of use or the currently applicable additional conditions and rules of on-game, Binary Rockets may, notwithstanding any other legal or contractual rights, take the following measures at its discretion: Delete or change the defective content b) warn the user c) block the user from accessing the online game or the communication tools provided within the online game according to point VII. 6) of these GTC d) Unilaterally terminate the contractual relationship with the user immediately

VII. Obligations of the user

1) The user is obliged to comply with the legal order of the Czech Republic, these GTC and the rules of the online game when playing online games and using the services provided by Binary Rockets.

2) The user is obliged to use the services provided by Binary Rockets only for the agreed purpose.

3) The user is obliged, in accordance with other provisions of these terms of use, not to abuse and report bugs and bugs discovered by him in the online game.

4) The user is obliged to inform Binary Rockets about the change of his personal data, which he stated during registration (= e-mail addresses) and to confirm the topicality of this data at the request of Binary Rockets.

5) The list of obligations of the user mentioned in points 1-4 is not an exhaustive list and these conditions of use and the rules of the online game set out other obligations for the user.

VIII. User account security instructions

1) The user is obliged to keep his login details and all passwords in strict confidentiality, especially the password to the game account. The user may enter login details exclusively on websites operated by Binary Rockets.

2) The user is obliged to protect the login data and all passwords against unauthorized access by third parties.

3) In case of suspicion of the user that his login data could have been unauthorizedly obtained by third parties, the user informs Binary Rockets of this fact and changes the relevant data in the administration of the game account himself. If such a change is not possible, the user's login details will be changed via Binary Rockets at his request.

4) Under no circumstances is the user entitled to use the login details of another user unless the rules of the game provide for some exceptions.

5) The user is not advised to place in the online game his personal data or other sensitive data about the user, such as such data that could lead third parties to identify the user.

IX. Limitation of Liability

1) Binary Rockets provides, within its technical and operational capabilities, online play and offers other services. The user uses the services of Binary Rockets and the online game as it lies. Binary Rockets is not responsible for the actual correctness and accuracy of the displayed content, nor for any interruption or restriction of the use of online games and offers of other services that may be necessary for technical reasons (e.g. maintenance) or caused by errors, bugs, power outages. , by force majeure or third parties.

2) He is responsible for the up-to-datedness and suitability of the software and hardware used by the user when using the Binary Rockets services. Binary Rockets shall not be liable for any damages incurred to the user's software or hardware while using the Binary Rockets services or downloading content from the online game.

3) In the event of a breach of the legal order of the Czech Republic, these GTC, the rules of the online game or the rights of third parties by the user, the user is directly and directly liable to these third parties. The user undertakes to compensate Binary Rockets for all damages that arise from non-compliance with the obligations arising from the law or these terms of use. The user is liable for Binary Rockets for any claims made by other users or other third parties for breach of their rights through content inserted by the user or for breach of other obligations by the user. The user also assumes the costs of the necessary legal defense of Binary Rockets, including all legal costs and legal representation costs. This does not apply if the user is not responsible for the infringement.

4) Binary Rockets reserves the absolute right to dispose of the online game pages and all provided services and content, including the right to change, delete or terminate these content and services.

5) If the user accesses websites other than the websites operated by Binary Rockets for the purpose of operating the Dragescent online game while using the Binary Rockets services or using the content of the online game, the user acknowledges that such websites are completely independent of the websites operated by Binary Rockets and that Binary Rockets does not bear any responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur to the user on these external websites.

6) The design of the online game Dragescent is licensed by Binary Rockets.

7) Graphic icons from are protected by CC BY 3.0 license

X. Privacy Statement

1) This privacy statement applies to all services offered on the websites operated by Binary Rockets. This privacy statement expressly governs how Binary Rockets treats your personal information, unless otherwise stated. Binary Rockets does not control the terms of data protection of third parties and is not liable for any data that the user communicates to third parties when using their services.

2) Privacy inquiries can be sent to the Binary Rockets email address: In this way, the user can find out which data Binary Rockets stores about him and can have them changed or deleted. Users are asked to include their player name in addition to their name in these queries.

3) Binary Rockets stores in its database in particular the following user data: a) data necessary for registration (e-mail address, player name) b) data automatically transmitted by the user's computer, such as IP address, type of Internet browser, access times to an online game, etc. This data is stored on the Binary Rockets server in order to detect possible illegal use of the Binary Rockets services and for statistical and development purposes. In doing so, the data is anonymized if possible. c) other data on users of Binary Rockets collect, process and store only if it is allowed directly by law or with the express consent of the user. When granting this consent, the user will always be notified in accordance with the legal obligations of the operator.

4) The use of so-called. Cookies: a) Binary Rockets uses temporary files, so-called cookies, on its website to provide services to users. b) The storage time and automatic deletion of cookies from the user's hard drive is governed by the settings of the user's internet browser. c) If the user uses the option of setting his internet browser so that cookies are generally rejected, the use of Binary Rockets services provided on the online game website will not be possible at all or only to a limited extent for technical reasons.

5) Use of users' personal data We use your personal data for several purposes. Firstly, so that we can shape and improve the offer of our services according to demand, and secondly for communication with you. We will regularly inform you via e-mail about news, products, services, and certain events from the offer of our services that could be of interest to you as a user. We also use your data to prevent misuse of our website and to prosecute unauthorized access. Finally, Dragescent uses your personal data for gaming purposes, i.e. to establish, implement and develop your user relationship with Dragescent and to make payments. Only forgotten login details for your game account can also be sent to the e-mail address you provided. The content of each e-mail also includes the option to choose that you no longer want to receive information via e-mail.

6) Transfer of users 'personal data to other entities: a) Binary Rockets does not in principle sell or transfer users' personal data to third parties. Exceptions to this rule are the types of entities described below. b) Binary Rockets cooperates with bidders for payment (credit card companies, banks, GoPay, collection institutions, etc.), providers of bids for the production and preparation of statistics and business strategies, and provided IT services (e.g. computer centers, hosting providers, customer services, database services), public authorities, or other persons to whom Binary Rockets is obliged to provide data in accordance with applicable law. These entities have access to the personal data of users only to the extent necessary for the performance of their tasks. At the same time, these entities are obliged to handle the personal data of users in accordance with this data protection statement and in accordance with the legal order of the Czech Republic. c) In the event of the sale or transfer of Binary Rockets to another person, the subject of the transfer will also be the registered data on users. This data protection statement will continue to be binding on the potential acquirer.

7) Binary Rockets will ensure the deletion of users' personal data as soon as they are no longer needed for the above reasons, tax reasons or other legal reasons.

8) Binary Rockets processes users' personal data in accordance with Czech law. All employees of Binary Rockets or persons involved in the operation of the online game are obliged to maintain silence about the personal data of users.

9) In payment procedures, users' personal data is transmitted encrypted using the SSL method.

XI. Fees for using Binary Rockets services and online games

1) Unless expressly stated otherwise, the use of the online game is free.

2) For a fee, the user can obtain from the offer of individual services and improvements a product within the online game, where the user will be specifically notified of the types of paid tools, their functions, possible time limit on availability and amount of payment and available payment methods. Unless otherwise stated, the displayed prices include VAT.

3) The minor assures Binary Rockets that he has received the funds he intends to use to pay for the paid instruments within the services provided by Binary Rockets for this purpose or for free use from his legal representative.

4) The user is obliged to state all data within the payment procedure correct and complete. 5) Binary Rockets reserves the right to change the payment terms (payment methods, ...) at any time. Binary Rockets reserves the right to increase or decrease the amount of fees required to obtain paid instruments within the services provided by Binary Rockets at any time.

5) Inquiries regarding payments and payment gateways can be sent by the user to the e-mail address Binary Rockets: or +420 731 914 719.