Who can you meet in the world of Dragescent? Read our developer diary with the short descriptions of races living in fantasy world of the game. Mystical, powerfull creatures will not be forgotten, too.

Dragescent is set in a fantasy world after an unknown great catastrophe. Its known inhabitants are scattered and living only in small villages and there is plenty for the players to build and discover. And possibly also destroy again, because these inhabitants are very diverse and conflict is in the nature of most of them.

Take Necromancers for example, great mages who create mindless undead armies which don’t need sleep or food and cast evil magic to spread sickness and disease among the living. Vampires might be even worse, undead and cunning, they have to feed on the living in order to sustain their own existence. Or Goblins, race of raiders who are usually too lazy to work so they prefer to take the fruit of other race’s labour. Giants are of similar mould and combat prowess is what their entire society is built around. Then we have Humans, Humans are ambitious and expansive, surely they will one day expand too far. Perhaps too dwarven territory and Dwarves don’t take too kindly to trespassers, they viciously defend what is their own because they are hardworking society and know what effort it takes too build something great. They are quite similar to Genies in that respect, only Dwarves are building in the physical world, while Genies are building in the spiritual world. Great spellcasters and scholars who are born of magic. Another race with great magical affinity are Elves, they are also great artisans and warriors, so it is only natural to them, that they should rule the world from their forests. But they might have to contest these forests with Ents, although Ents are usually peaceful and don’t seek conflicts, they can become extremely vicious towards anyone. And last but not least there are Hobbits, seemingly hardworking farmers, but with great wealth hidden in their burrows which they acquired by less honest means and that didn’t exactly belong to them.

And there are rumours, that the entire world is built from the bones of great dragons who created magic and all the races and disappeared ages ago and whose lesser progeny might be summoned 

The above serves only to set the mood and superficially introduce the participants of the game. We will dedicate another diary to races in which we will introduce them more indepth and more from gameplay view. Players are free to choose whichever race they want and can cooperate with whichever race they want. The ultimate goal of the game is to discover what caused the catastrophe, try to prevent it from happening again and secure ultimate power for yourself and your allies in the process, to do that, players will have to develop their societies, establish new cities, discover new technologies and find allies.