Are you curious what the new game will be about? Read the first article in the series of developer diaries describing the new game Dragescent. This one is about the vision and concept of the game.

Welcome everyone to our first developer diary for the game Dragescent, where we will introduce ourselves and discuss our vision for the game.

We are Binary rockets, a small studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. We have been developing and operating an online game Red Dragon for several years until now, when we feel it is time for a change and a new take on the entire concept. Our new game, Dragescent, is the spiritual successor of Red Dragon. It is also an online turn based strategy in fantasy setting, in which your allies and opponents are always other players. You assume the role of the leader of one of the ten playable fantasy races and guide them to glory. You will start off with a small village, but building up your economy and establishing new cities will allow you a strong presence on the field of battle and it’s up to you to decide if your nation will be oriented towards thieves, magic or good old armies. You can also play peacefully and focus on trade and building. These features and mechanics will be discussed in detail in further diaries.

Why have we decided to create a new game and why have we named it Dragescent instead of Red Dragon 3? Every old concept can only be modified so far and at a certain point you have to get back to the drawing board. Red Dragon was introduced more than 17 years ago and its mechanics and technologies were simply outdated. That’s why we have created a new concept with a clear development plan and while Dragescent is in some ways inspired by Red Dragon 2, we wanted a fresh start.

What can you expect from Dragescent? As was already mentioned, Dragescent is an online turn based strategy with solely player to player interactions. How can that work? Well, every player gets a certain amount of turns every day. He can play them whenever he wants to, during these turns he builds up his kingdom, develops new technologies, recruits new units and can prepare hostile actions towards other players. At 4AM Berlin local time these actions are executed and players get new turns for the next day. That way one player can play in the morning before work and the other in the evening before sleep and none of them will be in disadvantage because all actions towards players are calculated and executed once a day at the same time.

Players don’t have to be hostile towards each other, they can cooperate and join in alliances of up to 4 members. There is, after all, a safety in numbers. Being an alliance member however doesn’t necessarily stop you from playing your own game, you can still make your own decisions.

All in all, we want to introduce a fun game from a fantasy setting that will reward your strategic and tactical thinking and whose main features in the beginning will be developing your kingdom and tactical combat. We want to create a platform that will be easy to learn and play, but hard to master and win. The plan is to further develop it and to add new cool features in the future.

That’s it for this diary and we will see you next time.