Hello, once again a new week has come and with it a new diary! This time we are going to reveal the magic phase.

Hello, once again with it a new diary! This time we are going to reveal the magic phase.

Everyone in the game has access to magic and race specific spells. It is mostly determined by your mage generals and chosen race and will interest players who enjoy building efficient economies, because casting spells can get pretty expensive. Mage generals are your designated spellcasters, they cast and organize all your magic actions, similarly to thief generals, and transform raw mana into spells. Mana is a resource that is harvested from groves. Each race has mages of varying strength, again, quite similarly to thieves, they have an attack and a defence value. Depending on the difference between these two stats, the spell efficiency is calculated.

Each race has access to its unique spells and a certain number of cores (1-3). Cores serve as spell packaging, you must use cores for all spells that you are casting outside of your governorate by simply placing any given spell in any available core. However, the more spells in one core, the more expensive those spells will become. Races with more cores have an advantage, they can distribute their spells more evenly and cast them more cost-efficiently.

Few general spells are available to everyone, but otherwise the race’s strengths and weaknesses lie in their unique spells of which each race has six. We further classify them as buffs, debuffs and damage spells. Buffs provide a variety of helpful effects. Debuffs work against buffs and harm your rival’s land. Damage spells are straightforward and destroy buildings and kill people.

Lastly, it’s important to note, that as with thieves, each governorate can be hit only once by each specific spell and only by two buffs, two debuffs and two damage spells at the same time. That way the magic system is a lot about choices, consequences and finding out the best possible combinations for the current situation.

We will be back with the military phase, until then!