Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday once again and that means we are putting out a new diary! This time we will talk about the backbone of all armed conflicts – common soldiers and armies.

In Dragescent, armies consist of your unique racial units. Each race has three specific units that nobody else has access to and one unit (siege weapons) that is accessible to everyone. You can recruit only your basic unit type in the beginning. More advanced units must be unlocked through buildings.

Each unit has the same statistics, these are an attack value and a defence value, plus cost in weapons and cost in gold. Each unit also requires exactly one pop to be successfully recruited.

Units can stay at home and defend with their combined defence value or they can be sent to attack with their combined attack value. When two armies clash, one is always attacking and one is always defending and their values are compared. Army with higher value wins. Outcome of battles can be influenced by generals as in the other two phases (thieves and magic). This time the stronger general provides buffs for his army and increases its fighting strength.

Similarly to civilian population, army has its health as well and again, it influences its overall combat effectiveness. Army health can be increased by various buffs while debuffs and lost battles decrease it.

Another important feature is the alliance army bank. Players from the same alliance can temporarily deposit their troops in the alliance army bank from which they can be sent to other, perhaps less militarily gifted, members. However, units can’t stay in the bank over the count, so all remaining units in the bank are sent back to their owner and defend him during the following count.

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That’s all for this diary and we will see you again next week.